Spiritual Interventions


What do you do when you have tried everything?

Brokenness can be covered with a smile; torment with service, and unhealthy compulsive behavior with secrecy. Most of the time what we see on the outside doesn’t reflect what is going on in the inside. People can give themselves to the Lord, be baptized, and try to walk in the faith all the while being victimized by spiritual forces that are beyond their control. We live that way, with a smile on our face but with helplessness and hopelessness dwelling deep in our hearts.

Spiritual Interventions, Inc., a Christian deliverance ministry, was created for the purpose of bringing freedom to God’s people, a ministry for those who are caught up in things that are beyond their control in spite of their best attempts to “get it right” this time. It is a ministry that is aimed at Christians who have discovered that, in spite of having or desiring a relationship with the Lord, they are not experiencing the freedom that they were taught to expect and that the Bible says is theirs as one of God’s kids. Counseling, though sometimes helpful, has not resolved the issues. Medication hasn’t provided the relief that had been hoped. You just can’t “shake” whatever is troubling you. In short, you are stuck.

If you see destructive patterns flowing from one generation to another in your family, if you or a family member have been involved in a false religion or the occult, if you have experienced trauma, or have been a victim; and if you have been involved in long-term beliefs, attitudes, and behavior that would not please God, then there is a high likelihood that you, or others, have opened a door to spiritual forces that are seeking your destruction. If I am describing you, then you have come to the right place. There is hope for you.