Good Words : Testimonials


• Thank you so much. I may not have seemed very joyful or elated after the deliverance but I am now. I think I was just exhausted the experience. I had the most wonderful ride home. I prayed with gratitude and sang worship songs and wept almost the whole time. When I started to get a headache, I prayed and it went away.

• I feel so peaceful and free. Although there has been some unusual opposition. I took a nap yesterday evening and when I awoke I was in the worst mood. And there have been a whole lot of lies presented in my thoughts but they are so shallow that when I rebuke them away as lies they banish without a trace. Unlike before when the lies were so heavy like they were anchored to my heart.

• Thank you so much. I love you more than you will ever know until we are in heaven. What you do is so much more meaningful to me than you can imagine. Before learning of deliverance I saw the world as a sad and hopeless place. I believed that God was true, but seeing primarily defeat and loss, it seemed that Gods promises of a good life were too far out of reach for most people. From the second that I started reading your book the first time, I knew that God had lead me to you and that I couldn’t wait to meet you. You are a mighty mighty mighty warrior for Christ. I believe that your reward in heaven will be magnificent.

• I want to thank you so very much for this weekend. For you to spend the time that you did on Thursday night was most gracious and even more appreciated. I am so excited about this new journey that I am on; of learning how I can confront the devil so easily because he is already under my feet and his demons are behind me. They have packed their bags and are heading out the door. Praise the Lord! We serve an Awesome God!

• I want to thank you for allowing God to use you in the way he has. I’m still absorbing everything and I am still a little disoriented but I do know something is different. I have a sense of freedom that I can’t describe. Chains have been broken. I also have a renewed awareness of spiritual warfare and the power and authority that is in the name of Jesus.

• I can honestly say, I can’t ever remember feeling like this. It is soo cool! My head is quiet; it’s just me in there. =D I am still soaking it in and processing, but I have so much peace. There are other changes too. I have already noticed a huge change with how I react to people or rather the non-reaction i have now with people. It is very exciting and I am slowly taking it all in. Thank you SO much! God is so good! And I know that He loves me SO much!

• I’m doing well. The change I feel within me is subtle, yet profound. I feel lighter and more peaceful. I guess I expected something more dramatic or theatrical, but I really do think the profundity is in the subtlety. It doesn’t have the familiar ring of a fleeting ‘spiritual experience’, but rather the feeling that things are just… different.

• I’ve been doing well. I have experienced a lot over the last day! There have been times where I experience joy like never before. I do feel like a weight has been lifted. It makes me smile. I know that through Jesus’ death on the cross I am forgiven and He has taken my sin upon Himself. I am therefore set apart. The God of the Universe has done an incredible work and I feel so grateful to you and your staff for helping.

• I think “disoriented” was the perfect word for my first few days. I was quieter than usual, trying to take it all in and find my place in the family again– not in a bad way Well, I’ve found it and I think everyone is getting used to my new self just great. I think the biggest change is my lack of guilt. I’ve had a few conversations where something that usually would have made me feel really down on myself doesn’t affect me in the same way. I still feel it but I don’t carry it and I’m able to give it all to the Lord in that moment. My family will make comments like “Don’t you carry that one; we know how this goes for you. Just let it go” and I’m trying to explain that I don’t have that burden anymore. We’ll get there

• My life has changed 180 degrees since we met. I don’t pretend to understand exactly what happened. I can benefit from the law of gravity without being able to quantify it, I seek to understand how I came from the place I was so that I don’t return. My wife noticed a change immediately and I felt that a burden had been lifted from me. Mentally I am in a far better place than I had been. Thank you for your prayers, for your follow-through and encouragement. Thank you for being a change agent in my life.

• Since my deliverance I no longer have to live with shame and quilt that were not really mine to bear. God is working in my life in many ways. Since I can see and hear truth now I realize just by being alive I am a walking testimony to God’s power and grace. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

• Many awesome things have come into my life. My eyes are open now and I can hear and see the Holy Spirit moving in me. I have released fear, anger, low self-esteem and anxiety to God and I feel free like a child I never got to be.

• Much is happening here. My experiences, however, are not what I had been expecting. I rather thought there would be this big and obvious change and instead the changes are rather subtle. Lies are being replaced with truth. Light is being shed on new areas. God is good.

• You know, honestly, I have felt different. More peaceful and not really embarrassed or ashamed of my life anymore. I also just feel like I am right where I’m supposed to be and don’t have this sense of being up against the clock all the time. It’s really nice, actually. There are still a lot of things that are up in the air for me, but I just know it’s gonna work out. God’s got a handle on things, and I’m just doing what looks to be the next best step, each time it presents itself.